We develop and sell standard software products from collected customer requirements out of our project business. With our products we efficiently close important gaps and generate effective value at unbeatable costs. Today we have more than 500 customers worldwide that use our products and more than 200’000 persons that actively use our ITSM Portal.


ITSM Portal for SCSM

Built on cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3, the itnetX ITSM Portal is a fast and intuitive alternative for the out-of-box SCSM Self-Service Portal. It allows end users to browse your IT Service Catalog, create new requests, view and update open requests, and work on activities as part of ITSM workflows. It offers all features present in the out-of-box SCSM Self-Service Portal, and adds enhanced features leading to a better Self-Service user experience.


Productivity Pack for SCSM

The Productivity Pack for SCSM contains a variety of valuable extensions for your System Center Service Manager environment. Since we have been working in the ITSM field for many years, we know about the pains and requirements customers have. Therefore our extensions were built to close important gaps in System Center Service Manager and add new valuable functionality to it. The main goal we try to achieve is to make our customers’ analysts and administrators more productive with a tailored System Center Service Manager experience.


Asset Management for SCSM

The itnetX Asset Management Pack for SCSM expands the functions of the Microsoft System Center Service Manager and enables companies to manage their hardware and software assets efficiently and sustainably. The add-on allows hardware assets to be tracked during their whole life cycle, and enables companies to call up information on assets’ location, user or cost center at any time.


Free Extensions

We offer a collection of various free extensions that close important gaps in System Center Service Manager and extend the functionality with many little helpers. Administrators will save valuable time and can raise the quality of the Service Manager platform dramatically. It also contains extensions for analysts to enhance the acceptance of Service Manager and drives productivity to a higher level.