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1. The Best Instructors

We have the best instructors available. Period. Only hand-selected experts deliver our workshops and we guarantee that these persons not only know what they are talking about, but also have a huge experience in the field. Our instructors are mostly well-known Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) that love to share their knowledge in workshops or at events around the globe.


2. High Quality Deep Dive Workshops

We are a professional services company and trusted service provider. It’s important to us that we only offer workshops for topics we really understand inside-out. This means that all workshops are deep dive trainings and we expect that you really want to dig deep into the different products and technologies. To ensure a high workshop quality, the content is updated before every new delivery to guarantee that our customers receive the most current know-how!


3. Delivered Anywhere On The Planet

We do not have a specific location to deliver our workshops – we can deliver anywhere! Our lab infrastructure runs on Microsoft Azure and workshop attendees bring their own notebook to work with our instructors and connect to their own lab environment. This gives us the flexibility to plan and deliver workshops in different locations to make sure we are close to our customers.

Workshop „OMS Insights & Analytics“

What is OMS Insights & Analytics?

OMS Insights & Analytics components allow you to collect data from various sources into a single view for actionable insight. It allows you to spot problems fast by using pre-built solutions and queries and gives you behind-the-scenes details about your IT infrastructure and applications.

What you will learn

In this 2-day workshop we will cover how to bring the OMS Insights & Analytics environment in Microsoft Azure to life. You will configure workspaces, attach different sources, collect, analyze and finally visualize data in various ways, with solutions from the gallery as well as custom solutions. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to create a design and an implementation plan for your company’s analytics and insights requirements.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for architects, engineers and operators that want to learn everything about OMS Insights & Analytics. No specific prerequisites are needed but basic Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Windows Server knowledge.

Currently in planning. Details to come soon!

Currently in planning. Details to come soon!


„I am working with Open Source software for many years now. By taking this workshop I wanted to extend my experience to the Microsoft automation world. This workshop not only gave me a good overview, I was also able to work with the solutions in different scenarios in the lab environment. Just perfect, thank you!”

Nicolas Christener, CEO/CTO Adfinis-Sygroup

„I attended this workshop and must say it was a blast! Even as a Microsoft MVP I learned lots of new stuff. I can definitely recommend this workshop to everybody that plans to start with OMS Log Analytics!“

Thomas Maurer, Microsoft MVP, itnetX

„I would recommend anyone to take this workshop. It’s a way to start your very own transformation into a future automation engineer!“

Felix Bodmer, CEO/Architect, NOREX AG