We have been providing high-quality services based on Microsoft products and technologies to our customers for years. We are using traditional approaches and combine these approaches with current, cloud-based services. The unique solutions are custom-tailored to the customer’s requirements and support the goal of optimizing IT service quality and the customer’s business.


Cloud & Datacenter Solutions

The data center is an important component in a company’s added value chain. Availability and flexibility of the architecture are a decisive factor for adapting to the quickly changing market requirements in this day and age. These topics significantly increase the complexity. The itnetX AG team offers extensive long-term experience in designing architectures for flexible datacenter solutions. The Microsoft products we use, such as Microsoft, Windows Server, System Center and Azure accommodates all customer requests and requirements. Due to the itnetX AG’s well informed architects, the solutions are always current. Driven by innovation, the focus is always on the future.


Management Solutions

The multitude and complexity of IT environments increases continuously. The reasons include the influence of cloud technologies, increasing number of technical stand-alone solutions and the steady rise of quality, flexibility and availability requirements. We assist our customers in designing and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions that actively contribute to optimizing the IT environment and lowering the costs. We use verified products designed for overall integrated solutions to accomplish our tasks.


Workplace Solutions

The computer workplace constantly changes and it is not easy to manage the new requirements adequately. Mobility constantly increases and multiple devices and equipment should be able to access company services around the clock. The user wants to select his work equipment at his discretion and access company resources without restrictions. In contrast, IT wants to define the authorized devices and limit, control or prevent access to resources. Administration and security are the foremost IT concerns; however, the user focuses on flexibility and freedom. Both topics must somehow be combined. itnetX AG offers its customers a portfolio for the lifecycle of a computer workplace to simplify administration and increase flexibility.


Software Solutions

Due to our long-term experience in structuring and operating IT structures and management solutions based on Microsoft technologies, we are quite familiar with the options the software-components can provide, but also with the typical and individual requirements of our customers. itnetX AG operates its own software development department, targeting the balance of customer requirements derived from our project and operation business with the options of the products used and closing all gaps with innovatively designed software solutions. This results in publically accessible standard software products, as well as custom-designed, individual customer software solutions. itnetX AG software developers are quite experienced in the programming interfaces of the system center components and are very familiar with inherent technologies. This renders us the ideal contact partner for individual, or standardized expansions of your IT system’s infrastructure management requirements.



Operational Services

Daily availability and uninterrupted operation of IT-infrastructures and applications are the principals for each company’s seamless business operation. The high-level complexity and constant changes in the IT-environments however, exhausts the IT departments‘ resources significantly and therefore prevents effective and strategic development and focusing on the core business. This is why itnetX AG offers its customers a growing portfolio of operational and managed services.

Cloud Computing-WF purple

Cloud Managed Service

The cloud is different. Once your cloud services are enabled, operational tasks around your cloud solution must be maintained.
The itnetX Cloud Managed Service removes the operational management around your solution hosted in Microsoft Azure.
It introduces a mathematical formula for green or red-lighting on customer defined KPI’s, and dedicates the Service Reliability Engineering team to continuously oversee the reliability of your solutions in the cloud.
From strategy to operations, our Cloud Managed Service help you accelerate you enterprise-wide cloud adoption and operations.
Service reliability engineer on-call service for assistance, guidance and support with integration to IT Service Management functions.