Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Due to our long-term experience in structuring and operating IT structures and management solutions based on Microsoft technologies, we are quite familiar with the options the software-components can provide, but also with the typical and individual requirements of our customers. itnetX AG operates its own software development department, targeting the balance of customer requirements derived from our project and operation business with the options of the products used and closing all gaps with innovatively designed software solutions. This results in publically accessible standard software products, as well as custom-designed, individual customer software solutions. itnetX AG software developers are quite experienced in the programming interfaces of the system center components and are very familiar with inherent technologies. This renders us the ideal contact partner for individual, or standardized expansions of your IT system’s infrastructure management requirements.



Are you lacking a specific function in one of your system center products? Would you be able to increase your team’s productivity significantly if this function was available? We will gladly upgrade the functionality of your solution with standardized or customized expansion.


Portal Solutions

We develop web-based, cross-system portal solutions for your infrastructure management environment. Our ITSM Portal is a self-service portal for the System Center Service Manager (SCSM) and will upgrade your service catalog with a myriad of unique functions. In addition, we design individual portal solutions to allow ubiquitous access to your management solution.


Management Packs

We develop management packs for the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), for discovery and monitoring of individual line-of business applications, or other critical components. We also create customer-specific management packs for the System Center Service Manager (SCSM) for expanding your CMDB, provision of individual workflows or specific console tasks.


Middleware and Web Services

itnetX AG is your contact partner for solutions communications between different IT systems. We design and create specific connectors for data exchange and synchronization between different systems. For that we utilize various technologies such as REST or SOAP web services.



Our software development department has the experience needed for creating desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps. Our software architects will assist you in designing and developing individual apps.


Individual Solutions

Are you unable to find standard software to accommodate your requirements? itnetX AG will gladly assist you with the specification and development of software solutions for IT-infrastructures and application management.