Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

The computer workplace constantly changes and it is not easy to manage the new requirements adequately. Mobility constantly increases and multiple devices and equipment should be able to access company services around the clock. The user wants to select his work equipment at his discretion and access company resources without restrictions. In contrast, IT wants to define the authorized devices and limit, control or prevent access to resources. Administration and security are the foremost IT concerns; however, the user focuses on flexibility and freedom. Both topics must somehow be combined. itnetX AG offers its customers a portfolio for the lifecycle of a computer workplace to simplify administration and increase flexibility.


Client Design

We will assist you in creating a future-oriented client platform. This includes OS-images design, preparation of a guideline strategy, providing applications or ensuring remote access to the company network.


Configuration Management

The efficient provision of operating systems and applications on workstations are imperative for working efficiently. Together with Windows Intune the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) provides the option to manage desktops, notebooks or smartphones throughout the entire lifecycle.


Enterprise Mobility

Microsoft features several tools for efficiently managing mobile devices in the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In addition to classic concepts such as BYOD or DirectAccess, topics such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Rights Management Services (RMS) are covered as well.


Office 365

Regardless whether you company wants to use Messaging- or SharePoint-Services in Office 365, itnetX AG will assist you. This is centered on the “Hybrid Identity” which ensures authentication regardless whether staff has to authenticate against resources in the private company network or in the public cloud.



Based on specific requirements we will assist you in providing applications via Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from your company network or from Microsoft Azure. We use Microsoft technologies to provide scalable VDI-platforms for scenarios requiring virtual workstations.


Application Management

We will assist you in developing a complete strategy for efficient application management. We will design an optimal combination of classic application provision, remote apps and mobile or universal apps for your company.