Inovativ Belgium joins itnetX

We are excited to announce that inovativ Belgium is joining itnetX Global Alliance and will continue as itnetX subsidiary in Belgium.

The Brand “itnetX” has established a well-known value regarding high level engineering with recent technologies and delivering even the most complex projects. To meet our customer needs and pursue our way to be one of the most valuable Microsoft Partners, we founded the “itnetX Global Alliance” with like-minded companies who share the same focus and demand the same standards in quality and leading edge expertise. Inovativ BE will be the first company joining our alliance and will be integrated in itnetX. With the team of itnetX in Belgium we can strengthen and expand our solution and product portfolio.

For itnetX it is a crucial step. The future will belong to companies with the right mindset to create digital innovations. The teams in Belgium and Switzerland are both very capable and will greatly benefit from joining forces – Markus Erlacher, CEO itnetX

For our customers there will be a minimal impact. Service and solution consultancy as it is executed now will remain. In the coming months we will focus on making the name change complete in projects, execution and agreements for services. The international reach of consultant resources is an added value for customers and will remain a key service offering. With more than 70 consultants in the itnetX Global Alliance, we aim for optimal knowledge sharing, resulting in enhanced services and solutions.

Kurt Van Hoecke, Country Manager Belgium at itnetX: “It is a great honor to finally announce the next steps for the inovativ Belgium team. With the collaboration, we will create a strong itnetX brand on the Belgian market and a great international environment for our consultants to work in. Creating value for customers has always been a focus of the Belgian team; this step will make this focus stronger. We will be working hard the next months to address this new challenge.”

We thank you for the trust in the team!



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