The itnetX journey at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Our team is back home in Switzerland and Belgium, after a very successful and busy week in Las Vegas at Microsoft Inspire. For the first time this year, we did not only go to Inspire to attend sessions and meet face-to-face with partners, we attended the conference as an exhibitor with a booth in the Applications & Infrastructure area. This was the perfect way to reconnect with our partners and establish new relationships, as it was always easy to find the itnetX team amongst thousands and thousands of attendees. We appreciate and would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to chat with our colleagues on-site and to learn about the worldwide services we offer and itnetX solutions. What was even more exciting, is that we introduced our brand-new product, in development together with I&O Factory: “pocketBricks.”

pocketBricks is a cloud-based platform that allows you to build modern and flexible IT and business management solutions. By delivering building blocks, so-called bricks, the platform assists you with modelling and managing your business and IT processes in a very simple, efficient way.

We learned from the audience at Microsoft Inspire during live demos at our booth, that the pocketBricks platform is fulfilling the market’s needs and we received some great valuable feedback and ideas to further develop our product until its first release in Q4 this year. In case you would like to stay up-to-date or have any feedback you would like to share with our development team, you can sign up here.

The experiences from a few of our team members at Microsoft Inspire

Roman Kohler | Head of Service Operations
“Microsoft Inspire made clear to everybody the further corporate, regional as well as local Microsoft strategy and how our positioning as a partner should look like to shape and transform our common business (customers, partners as well as MSFT itself) and make it ready for the future. The event was fun with the setting in Las Vegas as business and fun parts were merging together and made the whole event feel cozy, which to me personally felt as a great and inspiring atmosphere to build up new and strengthen existing relationships.”

Roland Uhlmann | Head of Professional Services
“Microsoft Inspire and Ready in Las Vegas demonstrating “one Microsoft” what a unique event experience and the digitization at its full swift with multibillion business opportunities going forward. We are facing a great momentum of new ecosystems that arise from traditional value chain into completely new value networks requiring partners to find their new place in one or the other.” 

Dieter Gasser | Head of Product Management
“With Microsoft Ready and Inspire happening at the same time and location, we were able to present our solutions to an even broader audience. It is always fascinating to exchange ideas and inspiration with partners outside the current network of contacts.” 

Isidora Katanic | Marketing & Community Representative
“Microsoft Inspire, what a blast! Not only did I have precious moments with the itnetX team aside from the day-to-day work life, it was also a great opportunity for me to be present in the heart of the Microsoft community where thousands of worldwide partners connect, all at the same time at the same place, in so-called “fabulous” Las Vegas.”

We are looking forward to staying in touch with our established connections at MS Inspire and to continue supporting our partners and customers by advancing their business transformation with itnetX. See you next time!

itnetX team at MS Inspire 2018

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