5 topics you should enjoy in 2019 – seen through the eyes of a CDO

Ignoring the public cloud for longer is not an option. A wake-up call and five topics which, in my opinion, should enjoy your attention in 2019.

Affordable technologies are available

Unfortunately, there are still far too few Swiss business models that know how to use the incredible computing power and variety of public cloud services offered by the various providers. It is really time to make customers happy with new, perhaps disruptive products and services. Get it on, now!

Design Thinking as a standard set of methods for innovation in the company

Create new – especially digital – business models by unleashing employee creativity and place your customers consistently at the center of all your efforts. You will be surprised how many ingenious ideas will emerge from internal innovation, if they are allowed.

Consistent and sustainable employee training is more important than ever!

Driven by the immense technological progress of recent years, the cultural and social change and the enormous speed, it is essential to keep your employees up-to-date. The measurable success of the company and its internal innovative strength are the result of satisfied and well-trained employees.

“Workplace as a Service” is the new de facto standard

Who wants to pay for upstream project costs for the introduction of new jobs in the company today? Nobody, quite clear. This means that IT service providers must be able to offer easily calculable modern workstations on a monthly subscription basis, which are in no way inferior to the requirements for security, hardware, up-to-date software and support.

The mobile Internet is growing up or 5G versus fiber optics

I am convinced that the introduction of the new 5G mobile communications standard, which is about to be introduced across the board, will force fibre-optic cable network operators to take action. This very expensive network investment is torpedoed by the horrendous transmission rate, which allows 5G. For any form of use of cloud-based consumer services such as DropBox, Netflix, Gaming, etc. a whole new era of transmission speed for the individual mobile experience is dawning. In other words, when your mobile phone at home becomes a hotspot for all the Internet services of the whole family.

Forget Bitcoin, because Blockchain is much more than that

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, could soon usher in a new era of the Internet that is even more disruptive and transformative than the current one. The possibilities of blockchain technology will lead to a generational change in the development of the Internet. An Internet of information to an Internet of values within the new generation. The key to this transition is to build a broad consensus on how the technology should work.

André Roth, Chief Digital Officer


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