Fans vs. Customers

Fans vs. Customers

I prefer fans to customers …

We all know our customers and know what they want, don’t we? Are your customers loyal? I don’t think so, because the co-sponsor is only a click away and attracts your customers via social media campaigns. Oh, you didn’t know that?

Let’s not kid ourselves, today enormous efforts are necessary to keep customers at the bar and to win new customers. May I cut to the chase? We often lack the feeling for the customer and his customer experience, i.e. the so-called customer experience chain. From my point of view it is obvious: We need fans and not just customers! It’s the fans who stay loyal, even if they have to suffer a slump.

The question about WHY, i.e. “Why do we do what we do”, helps you to build a successful fan community and sustainable communication. You need time and a clear strategy for this. In the end you will be rewarded! With loyal existing customers and new customers, who absolutely want to be a part of your fan community.
If you are now thinking about tackling this issue, then do yourself a favor and do it with all consistency and really sustainably. That’s the only thing that works!

Digitisation is a matter for the boss, everything else is “humbug”.

Digital transformation means empowering the organization to exploit the opportunities offered by the introduction of digital processes, tools, etc., to the fullest (digitization) can also be used efficiently and collaboratively. I very often experience that management is overburdened with precisely this and that some board members do not want to or cannot face up to this discussion. That is why it is very important for me to point this out again clearly and as a matter of urgency: Dear bosses of our Swiss companies, you are the trigger! If you don’t move forward and take the lead, everything stays the same. No one will do it for you! But if you tackle it and your employees are part of this transformation right from the start, then you will master the challenge of change together and successfully. You will find that digital transformation is not a question of technology, but of the ability of the enterprise to change itself as an organization. And, do it in small but effective steps. It is essential to avoid an organizational burnout. This means that too many projects and initiatives are started which will overburden the organisation to an excessive extent. Take care of your employees, any change can cause anxiety and/or unleash potential.

Farewell dear banks, hello Mobile Banking!

The subject of mobile banking and how tomorrow’s customers, i.e. children and young people,
understand banking has been a burning issue for me for quite some time. This week I published a video on my Instagram Account and LinkedIn Account  on this topic and expressed my view on it. I am looking forward to your comments on the linked channels. I am looking forward to your comments on the linked channels.

André Roth

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