Digital is the new normal!

Business transformation is a fundamental change process in which companies have to answer even the most basic questions to meet the demands of today’s customers. Today, society, our culture and also the technologies available make it possible to successfully bring completely new, incredibly highly scalable and digital business models to market. And the emergency evenings at very low operating costs.

We also claim that “Business2Business” (B2B) is a model that no longer exists. We say: welcome to the fourth industrial revolution! The “Business2Consumer” (B2C) must be at the centre of all business model considerations. We see B2C as the only model that consistently focuses on customer centricity.


But all in turn, let’s start with your vision first and work out your WHY together. So why do what you do? What is your conviction and what added value do your customers experience as a result?

Why do you need to rethink your innovation process if necessary, and why does it play a major role in the derivation of innovations? Disruptive business model requires new creative approaches and this is where the Design Thinking method is a good idea. Ask yourself which competitor or disruptive newcomer have you recently envied for its innovative power? Wouldn’t you like to offer this paroli? Well, then nothing like going on, let’s work together to develop your creative digital business models.

Business Transformation Kreis Prozess
Prozess: Business Transformation


At all levels and from the very beginning, we support you in this process! To this end, we use a proven four-stage process to jointly define your focus points using theabiliCor (spin-off of the University of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Northwest Switzerland) Maturity framework. Your contact, André Roth, is a certified abiliCor Transformation Coach and successfully uses this framework in business transformation projects for customers of all sizes.


Business transformation requires all your attention throughout the company so that you can successfully implement it. ItnetX Switzerland AG helps you answer the necessary questions and tackles them.
We invite you to work with us to develop your individual roadmap for your business transformation. (Example: Disruption Factsheet) But we will not leave you alone, quite the contrary. We continuously support the successful implementation and operation of your digital business models.

So what can we offer you?

This is what we offer You
  • Developing a digital business model
  • Introduction of a problem-solving process
  • Implementation of
  • digital business models
Your added value
  • Training into the challenges of digitization
  • Preparing for digitization requirements
  • personalized digitization strategy
  • Developed Implementation road map
Undecided whether your company is already ready for the digital age?

Our Chief Digital Officer, André Roth, advises and accompanies your company and you on the path of business transformation.