Discover your Digital Opportunities

Discovery Workshop

We discover your digital opportunities

Why? Because it’s modern. Most Swiss SMEs consider the digital transformation relevant, but only a few are satisfied with the results. Our standardized coaching workshops enable our customers to define and successfully implement their individual Business Transformation road-map.

Business Transformation in four phases

In the Discover workshop, we work together with you to develop the focus areas that were previously identified via the maturity and motivation analysis during our Inspire workshop. Depending on the focus area, various decision-makers from your company should be present, since e delve deeply into the details using creative techniques and the abiliCor tool developed by the University of Applied Sciences of North West Switzerland. In addition, it is important that information about your company’s processes and customer requests is readily available. After addressing the focus areas, we create a road-map for implementing the transformation while taking your individual resources and requests into consideration.

We recommend first have participate on the Inspire Workshop.

We support Swiss SMEs in their digital transformation!

  • 70% of SMEs are already working on projects related to the digital transformation
  • More than 40% of SMEs consider the time expenditure and lack of the necessary expertise as the main barriers to implementing their digitization efforts Participants

Further information:

Participants: Depends on the identified focus area: marketing, sales, IT, finance, stakeholders, unconventional thinkers, millennials

Price: Duration and price by agreement (2 – 5 days), depending on the number of focus areas

The best reasons for itnetX’s service

Benefit from our expert knowledge in all aspects of digital business transformation. We know which hurdles you have to overcome, which questions you ask yourself and have the necessary experience to discuss these objectively and rationally with you.