You want to optimize your SCSM environment for analysts and end users while investing as little time as possible? Then you should take a closer look at our Productivity Pack for SCSM. It contains more than 10 essential extensions that can be seamlessly and easily embedded into your SCSM environment to dramatically improve it.

SCSM offers many customization options, allowing the environment to be very flexibly designed to meet your own needs. However, some adjustments can turn out to be very time consuming and complex. With the Productivity Pack for SCSM you can save this time and rely on our years of experience. The individual components of the Productivity Pack for SCSM can also be licensed individually.

Component Details
Advanced View Editor Create complex views for the SCSM Console or our analyst portal in no time
Billable Time Track time spent on processing tickets for better transparency
Checklist Activity Use simple checklists for processing tasks in manual activities
CMDB Visualizer Visualize complex relationships, for example of services or tickets
Deferral Activity Delay certain activities in a business process until a defined point in time or for a specific time
Desktop Alert Receive important notifications in the form of popups directly on your desktop
PowerPrint Enables easy definition of print jobs for various objects such as tickets
PowerShell Activity A special type of activity that PowerShell scripts can perform for automating operations
PowerShell Tasks Integrate tasks into the SCSM Console that can run PowerShell scripts
Preview Forms An optimized preview for the different ticket types
Send Mail Extensive mail extension for questions, e.g. for incident requests
SMA Connector Integration of SMA runbooks for the automation of work steps, for example for service requests

Support and Service Agreement

Safeguard your investments with a support and service agreement. Not only do you acquire the professional support of our Service Operations Team, you also receive continuous product updates and access to new functions.

Our products can assist you in these areas:

  • Easy creation of views
  • Simplified automation of work steps in business processes
  • New activity types for more flexibility in the design of business processes
  • Optimal interaction with end users

Key Features:

  • Frequently used extensions are delivered as ready-to-use solutions
  • Many complex configurations integrated in the SCSM Console
  • Breite Unterstützung für Automatisierungsoptionen
  • Broad support for automation options
  • Increased user-friendliness for analysts
  • Extensions are delivered as SCSM Management Packs
  • No XML knowledge required for complex configurations